Our Philosophy

We like dogs. We like robots. Dogs aren’t robots.

The domestication of the dog has worked out exceptionally well for both sides. As companions, dogs often fit so effortlessly into our lives that we easily take for granted that they are simply an extension of us (or reading our minds).

As in any relationship, communication problems and disharmony can result when one does not acknowledge the unique perspective of the opposing party.

We need to respect dogs for who and what they are.

The answer is in the details. We look at a dog’s natural behavior and see why they respond to things in the way they do. We recognize where and how we can help make things better. We can teach you to better understand and communicate with your pup, train them the behaviors that they need to know and you will love them even more.

We do not think that criticizing you or your dog is constructive. We will listen to you without judgment and customize your lessons to best suit you as well as your dog. We specialize in practical dog training and behavior modification.*

Dogs all deserve the right to a happy stress free life whether they are rescue pups or come from a breeder. We believe in a world that can accommodate each dog and their unique needs.

We can help you with the full age range from baby puppy through senior dog, anxieties and fear to aggression.

You living the best life with your pup is our goal.

*When analyzing behavior and crafting a dog training plan and we employ the humane hierarchy (also thought of as LIMA- “least intrusive, minimally aversive” technique likely to succeed in achieving a training [or behavior change] objective),

We do not use any methods which hurt or scare dogs.

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